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I am a Holistic Healing Facilitator, with a private practice in Athens and Corfu, Greece.

My focus for the last 16 years has been on assisting in healing female reproductive health issues ranging from painful periods, difficult fertility, endometriosis, cysts, fibroids, chronic infections, chronic inflammatory syndromes, and psychosomatic treatment.10384580_10153738111328538_8783824905547649108_n

I have integrated my gifts of Clairsentience, Clairaudience and Telepathy and sensitivity, using them as tools to get a clear picture of my client’s needs to focus on their healing.

I help balance the energetic body and meridian system with Amma Therapy, a form of Ancient Chinese Medical Massage. The Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy along with Maya Spiritual and Intuitive Healing helps clients release stuck emotions, physical and energetic blockages, increasing the circulation of blood, Qi and fluids, creating health, wellness and balance so the body’s divine wisdom can be restored.  I give my client wellness tools and food recommendations for their continued home care.

I am a NY State Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Amma Therapist, Certified by the NCCAOM as a Diplomate in Asian Bodywork Therapy, with a Bachelors Degree in Amma Therapy from the New York College for Wholistic Health Education & Research, Long Island, NY, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Long Island University as well as a Holistic Health Coach having studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NY.

Completed the Professional and Certification Apprenticeships as well as Teacher Training for The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy with Dr. Rosita Arvigo in Massachusetts & New Hampshire and Maya Spiritual Healing levels 1 -3 in Belize.

Studied Classical 5 Element Acupuncture at the Academy for 5 Element Acupuncture, Gainesville, Florida.

Trained with the following teachers and Shamans: Laura Shurts, Native American Elder, in Abenaki Sacred Women’s teachings. Mercedes and Geraldo Barrios, Mayan Elders, calendar keepers, Mayan traditional healers. Jacques Tombazian, Developing Clairvoyance, Esoteric Healing, Inner Alchemy Levels 1-3 Barbara Brennan, Energy Healing. Mikio Sankey, Esoteric Acupuncture.

I am currently training with The College of Plant Spirit Medicine to become a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer.

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I began my apprenticeship with Dr. Rosita Arvigo in 2000 upon completion of Spiritual Healing 1 and the Arvigo Techniques Professional Care training. I became certified in the Arvigo Techniques in 2002 and became a Self Care Instructor in 2004. Since then, I have helped thousands of men and women with the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy in the US and Europe over the last 16 years and countless others with the Intuitive and Maya Spiritual Healing. Vivian Menjivar LMT, Dipl. Holistic Healing Facilitator




Kyklos Women’s Center

Orfeos 15, RT, Ilioupouli, Athens

 Corfu, Greece

Villa Zoe a Mountaintop Retreat, Kothoniki, Kalafationes

View from Villa Zoe

View from Villa Zoe



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