Dear Friends,

Happy Earth Day!
Today is a special day that we celebrate the being that feeds us, nurtures us, and supports us. Many think the Earth is a big resource that can be mined, used and consumed to no end. For ancient cultures, this was not true. They looked at the Earth like their mother, one who nourishes and supports with a consciousness.
Mother Earth goes by the following names:

Earth Mother, counterpart of the Sky Father
Mother Nature, a common metaphorical expression for the Earth and its biosphere as the giver and sustainer of life
Mother Earth (deity), a Slavic deity
Gaia (mythology), the Greek goddess personifying the earth
Terra (mythology), the Roman goddess personifying the earth or land
Parvati, the Hindu goddess personifying the earth or land
Mother goddess, the Earth Mother
Pachamama, a pan-Andean concept and deity
It is not enough to conserve, be mindful of our waste and reuse and recycle. We need to be conscious that we are a part of this planet and she feeds us physically, emotionally and spiritually. We are nurtured in ways we do not yet understand, yet the ancient ones knew.

On this special day maybe you can take some time to get to know her as you would a new friend. Sit by a tree or ground, not concrete, soil… Let her speak to you. What are the first impressions you get from your first meeting? This may feel weird or uncomfortable at first or it may feel comforting and nurturing.

As a child my favorite place to be was up in a tree. I felt so nurtured and comforted there. This is also another option, climb a tree.
If you are in a place where no nature is around you can connect with Mother Earth through a meditation.

Journey to meet Mother Earth:

Take some nice deep cleansing breaths
Visualize a beautiful meadow, walk along the meadow, notice the flowers in the meadow and if there are any trees or bushes,
As you walk to the edge of the meadow, you will see a forest, go into the forest, is it thick, is it sparse, what kind of trees are in the forest,
Now look to the right and you will see a cave, feel the coolness of the cave,
Walk through the cave and you will notice it begins to slope
At the back of the cave you will notice a stream, lay down in the stream and let it take you deep into the bowels of the earth, allow this stream to take you deep into the heart of the mother, mother earth.
When you have arrived you will notice a glistening cave filled with crystals of all sizes and shapes.

Walk to the center and call in the earth mother, what does she look like, what does her energy feel like,
Embrace her and thank her for feeding and taking care of you,
Ask her if she has a message for you.
Give her an offering from your heart
Ask her if she has a gift for you.
Thank her, and allow her love and blessings to fill you fully.
Go to the end of the cave and you will once again find the stream that will take you back to the first cave.
Walk through the cave, thanking the cave, through the forest and once again back to the meadow.
Many blessings,
Vivian Menjivar

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