How to Make and Use the Faja
The faja (fa-ha) is a cloth band worn by Central American women to support their uterus. The following are general directions to make and wear the faja (fa-ha) either for yourself or clients.
Plain cotton muslin cloth works best. Cut a strip about 12 inches wide and 3-4 yards long that is sufficient to wrap around the pelvis with enough left over to tie a knot
or tuck in the ends. Adjust the length of the faja as needed to meet the needs of the body. A piece of an old cotton sheet or shawl works well too.
Place the faja on a flat surface. Lie down on the cloth with your low back in the center of the cloth. You will have the 2 long sides on either side of your body. Wrap the cloth firmly around your abdomen, wrapping it around the pelvis firmly and securely. Give a twist in the back and bring the two ends around to the front to tie in a lateral or medial position that willl best support the uterus. The faja is worn all day, under the underwear.
Check to ensure the faja is not too tight. If your legs tingle, feel numb, or turn bluish, loosen the knot to allow circulation to and from the extremities.
Wearing a faja supports the uterus to allow the body time to repair uterine ligaments and increase circulation and nerve supply to the organs and surrounding tissues. This takes anywhere from 24 hour to 30 days.
When wearing the faja, avoid wearing high heel shoes, running, high impact exercise classes, lifting heavy objects, horseback riding, or other strenuous activity as it causes the ligaments to over stretch and is counterproductive to healing.
Be patient! The massage and faja ALWAYS help. Some clients choose to wear the faja for a day or two before their menses begins in order to alleviate that feeling of heaviness.
Others just wear it because they like the way it makes them feel. IMPORTANT: Do not wear the faja at night or during menses!

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