Intuitive and Wellness Counseling

As a Clairsentient healing facilitator, I act as a mediator and counselor connecting you with your spirit guides, and angels. I help interpret the messages your guides want to give and assist you in putting the information to use in your life to create immediate positive changes. I am interested in helping you discover who you are, your life purpose and how to get to the next step on your spiritual path, helping you see the “bigger picture” of the emotional/physical challenges presently active in your life, along with possible solutions to resolve them. You will leave with new clarity, understanding, peace of mind and a new sense of direction.

Prepare for your session:

Place your questions in categories so that they are organized. Remember that the universal law of Free Will binds your spirit guides; therefore, when it comes to sessions they can only answer the questions that you ask. Be as specific as possible with your questions. I will help you hone your questions so don’t feel that you have to get them perfect before the session. The goal is to get answers that are concise, relevant and understandable.

The categories are:

* Personal – Anything to do with relationships.

Examples – family, and friends, coworkers, lovers, life mates, and marital issues, etc.

* Spiritual – Anything to do with your spiritual path.

Examples – Spirit guide’s name, soul purpose, soul contracts, etc.

* Health – Anything to do with your health.

* Financial – Anything to do with money.

Examples – Why do I not have enough? How do I manifest more?

* Business – Anything to do with your career.

Examples – What career should I be in? Is this the best time to make a career move? Include questions about spiritual-based businesses in this category.

Note: If you are not having your session taped (we strongly recommend that you do), be sure to have a notepad and pen handy for taking down messages and writing names, practice tips, etc.

Payments may be made below. When I receives the message that the payment was sent, we will arrange a time for your session. When the time arrives for the session, call me, Vivian on skype at vivian.menjivar

Wellness Counseling:

This 60 minute session includes a health history, and recommendations for challenges with your health. This may include diet, lifestyle, fertility, chronic inflammation and pain or chronic autoimmune diseases.

Please call or email me to schedule your session. The session may take place either over the phone or via skype.

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