Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing

Healing Intuitive healing is neither a science, nor an art but a method and a practice of listening and seeing with all senses, being fully in the grounded present state of being,
As an intuitive healer, I facilitate the movement of energy, following guidance from my higher self, I work for my client’s highest good.
This allows my client’s divine wisdom to once again be in a state of perfect balance and harmony, creating optimum wellness, and hence healing.
Everyone is his or her own optimum healer.
We need others to facilitate healing when our energy is out of balance and we may need a little nudge from another,
This is a very different way at looking at healing.
This implies that we can all heal ourselves and that we are all responsible for own personal healing and also acknowledging when we need assistance.

I use all my extended senses to sense where there may be an energetic blockage. This blockage may be emotional, spiritual or even physical. I help facilitate the movement of energetic blockages using mantras, and prayer and by channeling universal energy. This helps clear the energy body of all that is not for my clients highest good helping restore balance and well-being.

Sessions are typically 90-120 minutes: First Session fee: €100, subsequent sessions: €80

Corfu first session fees: €80 subsequent sessions: €60

Prices do not include VAT

Intuitive Healing first session €100

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Intuitive Healing subsequent sessions €80

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