Maya Spiritual Healing

Maya Spiritual Healing

Sessions available at Villa Zoe


“Our traumas, heartbreaks and grief become part of our physical
makeup and must be acknowledged and healed before we can expect to
see true healing occur”.

Modern medicine is beginning to understand the healing wisdom of
ancient cultures.
Μany physical illnesses are connected with unresolved emotional
stress and distress.
This session addresses the source and treatment of chu’lel (life
force) and healing the four major spiritual illnesses according to the Maya:
susto (fright), pesar (grief), tristeza (sadness) and invidia (envy)
and the uses of healing techniques such as prayer, herbal bathing,
and incense.

 Heal a wounded spirit, a broken heart and damaged psyche.

Don Elijio and Rosita

These sacred practices were once taught on the ancient island of
Cozumel, in the healing sanctuary of the Goddess of Medicine, Ix

 Children and pregnant women are welcome.

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Modern medicine is only now beginning to understand the healing wisdom of ancient cultures and the link between many physical illnesses is connected with unresolved emotional stress and distress, and finally beginning to catch up with the healing wisdom of the Maya and other cultures.
Numerous scientific studies have noted a connection between many diseases such as high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, etc. and unresolved emotional stress. At the same time, neuroscience is explaining how brain chemistry affects our mental and emotional states.

The Maya, as with traditional cultures, recognize diseases of the soul as well as the body and are aware that there are both spiritual and physical causes of illness. Maya Spiritual Healing consists of prayer (appropriate to your faith) , spiritual herbal baths, and incense that serve to re-balance and harmonize the human aura or energy field so that we can attract good into our lives and repel what does not serve our highest purpose.
This healing work addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies of each individual in such a way as to return that person to vitality, peace and well-being. Thus, we are better able to lay down the baggage from the past to realize the fullest potential of a human being as intended by our Divine Creator.
The Maya addressed the causes of many so called psychological diseases, spiritual diseases. They identified them as imbalances in chulel, life force.

Maya Spiritual Healing addresses the causes and treatment of chulel (life force) and five major spiritual illnesses of the Maya:
susto (fright or trauma),
pesar (grief and loss),
tristeza (sadness, depression),
mal ojo (evil eye)
and invidia (envy).
Dr. Rosita Arvigo apprenticed with Don Elijio Panti, the last Maya shaman in Belize. It was during her apprenticeship Rosita learned Maya Spiritual Healing as well as the massage techniques that have become renowned. When Rosita met Don Eligio she knew he was knowlegable about plants and the massage but had no idea he was also a Spiritual Healer. It was through his patients she learned how his work helped them. She realized the Spiritual Healing was the missing link in medicine. Western medicine helps patients feel better but eliminating the symptom if only temporarily. Spiritual Healing heals the emotional imbalance at its core.

I met Rosita in 2000 because I needed healing. After an unwanted abortion, in 1996, the baby spirit was somehow attached to me and I truly thought I lost my mind because I kept seeing the image of a little girl from the corner of my eye. After trying many types of therapies, my journey brought me to Belize in 2000 and with the help of Rosita Arvigo, Ms Hortense Robinson and Ms. Beatrice Waight, this baby spirit was released. After this experience my life and work were forever changed. I went back to my life in New York incorporating the techniques I learned and have helped countless women heal after a miscarriage, abortions and failed IVF’s.  I use many traditional healing techniques such as prayer, herbal bathing and the burning of incense as well as tremendous compassion and love.
I also practice space clearing to help energetically prepare a space for a new baby, a new home or to clear the home or space from negative thought patterns, heavy energy or pesky spirits.

Maya Spiritual Healing and Baths: €50/hour

Maya Spiritual Baths combined with Intuitive Healing €100 per 2 hour session

Space Clearing: €100 for first 2 hours and €50 for each additional hour

Prices do not include VAT.

90 Minute First Session 100 Euros

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Session 80 Euros

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