Vivian's Healing Journey

I never thought I would become a Holistic Practitioner using an ancient technique passed down by Healers and Midwives to help women with fertility, PMS and endometriosis, among many other maladies such as constipation, lower back pain and the like.

I became a massage therapist in 1999. After receiving my degree in Psychology in 1997 I realized for myself the best way to release emotion was through the body, not by talk alone. Becoming a massage therapist opened many healing doors for me. I realized that every person I touched also touched me and in doing so deepened my compassion for people and for my own healing process.

During my last semester of massage school I was taking a class given by a wonderful Holistic Nurse practitioner, and Amma Therapist, Cathy Lipsky. During that semester my daughter woke up from a nightmare and came to my bedroom, scared and crying. My first response was to rub her belly. I honestly didn’t know what I was doing, I was half asleep, but it seemed to help and she went back to sleep.

The next day, after class I spoke with my teacher about what happened the night before and asked her what suggestions she may have if she had been in that situation. She asked me to show her what I had done so she could give me feedback. I showed her how I rubbed my daughter’s belly and she asked, “Where did you learn this technique?” I told her I was half asleep and didn’t know. She then told me she had just gone to learn this ancient technique in Texas called Maya Abdominal and Uterine Massage. I was speechless.

I knew I needed to find out more about this for myself. I had a prolapsed uterus since I was a child caused by a fall from a tree. I had a history of ovarian cysts and fibroids. I had developed Pelvic Inflammatory Disease in 1991 and had exploratory abdominal surgery, which caused my Uterus and Bladder to further prolapse and adhere together. I was told I would need a pessary, a plastic invasive device to hold up the uterus, if I didn’t do surgery.

I took this as a sign to heal myself. I gave it a try and after three months of weekly sessions my uterus and bladder were no longer adhered. My hands were always cold for as long as I could remember, but after the Maya Abdominal work I had circulation. I was truly amazed at how quickly I was healing. All the maladies I had previously experienced, vaginal infections, bladder infections, yeast infections as well as incontinence were gone. I knew that I needed to learn this work and share it with others. I knew this would become my life’s work.

Maya Abdominal Massage has been practiced for centuries in Belize, Central America. This gentle uterine correction is a painless, external, noninvasive technique where I guide the uterus into its correct position through massage of the pelvic area. The technique aims to relieve obstruction to the flow of Qi (bioenergy), blood and lymph. The benefits of Maya Abdominal & Uterine Massage are improvement of circulation of blood, lymph, & Qi as well as optimum nerve function to the Uterus, Bladder and Rectum. Emotional armoring is released and Chakras are balanced. An overall sense of well-being, harmony and vitality is attained.

I am happy to say I completed the Professional level in 2000, the Certification Apprenticeship in 2002 as well as Teacher Training for The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy in 2004, with Dr. Rosita Arvigo in Massachusetts, Belize and New Hampshire. It is an honor to be able to practice a tradition that is ancient and yet timely; helping women empower themselves by teaching them this ancient technique. I feel a real sense of honor with each new client or student that opens her heart and her belly to me. It is a very vulnerable place, a place we all like to keep covered and hidden. It is also our place of creativity and power. A healthy belly creates a healthy life.

My teacher, Dr. Rosita Arvigo’s teacher Don Eligio Panti, A Maya Shaman from Belize said it beautifully:

A woman’s uterus is her center, if it is out of balance, then her entire life will be imbalanced. The uterus is a woman’s “second brain” and comprises the spiritual center of her being. – Don Eligio Panti


By Vivian Menjivar, LMT, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM)
Certified Practitioner and Teacher ofThe Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy

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