Intuitive Healing Manual Becoming The Seer

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The Intuitive Healing !st manual takes you step by step through a journey into the chakras. Hypnotic journeys help you clean and clear your chakras and the auric layer associated with them. Each chakra section has dietary, essential oil, and crystal recommendations to keep your chakras clean and clear. This manual is best utilized along with the Intuitive Healing Level 1 seminar, but may also be used on its own.

Excerpt: “Clairvoyance: Developed in the 6th chakra. Seeing with eyes open or closed; remote or near. One who is clairvoyant is able to see in the spiritual world; able to see angels, spirits & negative and positive energies. A clairvoyant is also able to see energetic images, geometric shapes and colors, and has the ability to read and connect with the Akashic records, see past lives, and perceive the bigger picture about life. Clairaudience: Hearing, smelling, tasting Clairsentience: Feeling in your body. Most people are clairsentient to some degree. Often when the upper chakras are not open enough to this psychic ability clairsentience is unpleasantly influenced. They pick up other peoples emotional problems and difficulties, like a sponge. Clair knowing and Psychic Intuition: The power of the 3rd chakra. Knowing something without any way of knowing it, no prior knowledge. Feeling what is coming in the future. Telepathy: A kind of mental connectivity floating through the etheric plane that permits an exchange of information.”

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Intuitive Healing Level II: Becoming The Healer

The Intuitive Healing Level 2 Manual is for practitioners that have taken the first class or are already clairvoyant and want to hone their skills as healing facilitators. The exercises in this book teach you the essentials of healing yourself and also helping others; creating sacred space, emotional and spiritual boundaries, how to recognize and work with your spirit guides, and so much more.

Excerpt: “Intuitive healing is neither a science, nor an art.
It is a method and a practice of listening and seeing with all senses, Being fully in the grounded present state of being,
To facilitate the movement of energy,
Following guidance from one’s own higher self and the help of spirit, For you and your client’s highest good.
This allows the client’s divine wisdom to once again be in a state of perfect balance and harmony, Creating optimum wellness, and hence healing. Everyone is his or her own optimum healer.

Intuitive healing happens every day of your life as long as you are open to listen to your own divine wisdom.
We often need others to facilitate healing when our energy is out of balance and we may need a little nudge from another, This is a very different way at looking at healing. This implies that we can all heal ourselves and that we are all responsible for own personal healing.”

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Spiritual Healing Body Scrubs:


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Ingredients about to be mixed               Mixing with prayer                           Finished Product


Salt & sugar exfoliate and remove dirt, sloughs off old dead skin, helping new skin come to the surface as well as helping your body absorb essential oils that are hand selected for each scrub.

Salt helps clear toxins and heavy energy from the mind/body/ spirit complex. Salt also aids in pulling out uric and lactic acids after physical activity or a massage.

Sugar and honey have sorbitol, naturally moisturizing the skin, helping lock in moisture.

Coconut oil, as the scrub base, has many benefits, too long to list them all here. Among them are… Its antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-fungal, gently moisturizes and protects skin with an SPF of 6.

Each scrub has different essential oils added. Essential oils work on the nervous system to either calm or invigorate it.

Zorrilo, also known as skunk root, used traditionally in Central America for Spiritual Herbal Baths, is added to clear energetic blocks quickly.

The combination of ingredients in the body scrubs creates an experience that not only clears you emotionally and spiritually but also ignites your senses.

Scrubs are available for purchase in Corfutown at Ancient Healing Therapies.




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