Teachings were traditionally passed from teacher to student, master to apprentice, and grandmother or elder to novice since ancient times in an oral tradition. These were the storytellers, healers, and seers. This was traditionally taught around a fire in a circle. Only recently has the “word” been passed down in writing. All the teachings that I pass to you are from an unbroken lineage, whether it be Amma Therapy.  I learned it from my teachers, who learned it from their mentor Tina Sohn. Maya Abdominal massagefor example, was passed directly from Don Eligio’s teacher, the famous Caribe Shaman Geronimo Racana to Don Eligio then to Dr. Rosita Arvigo, then myself. None of these teachings were from a book I read or a random class I attended. These were passed down to me in the most traditional sense so I may then pass them down to you with honor and reverence for those who came before.

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