seedlingDear Friends,

Here in Greece, spring officially begins today. In many parts of the world, I am sure it looks nothing like spring outside your window but we can feel it in the air…and in the warmth of the sun shining.

The Magical Spell Of Spring

Love and laughter
Whispers and

Gifts of kindness
All spread for a while

Dancing leaves and flowers
Spreading its scented spell
As Spring is here again
With its magical dwell

Smiling sun and moon
Spreading the music of life
With bright colors of love
Flowing smoothly to survive

Where sunshine brings hope
With warm memories of spring
And touch the day with a smile
To brighten everything

Where colors play with magic
And show us a beginning new
That brings with it for all
Joy and pleasure true

For Spring is here again
With its scented spell
To bring life to the world
With its magical dwell.

Seema Chowdhury

Do you feel like starting new things, buying new clothes, just being outdoors more? This is the time for new beginning, like a quickening  before giving birth to new things.  Spring in Greek is Aniksi, which mean opening. It is not only an opening of flowers and bursting pf plants through the soil and possibly snow, but also an opening of ideas of viewpoints. The new moon coming up this month is probably one of the best for planting new ideas, a new business or new relationship.  so they can come into fruition. So how do we go about this…

Take a piece of paper and write down what you want in your life, as if it has already happened. One example, I have a thriving practice that now only helps my clients but gives me great joy and suppotrs me and my family. Write something about every aspect of your life, health, family, social, love, career, etc.

On the day of the new moon, March 20, which also happens to be an eclipse, make a copy and put it away so you can look back on it the fall, to see what has come to fruition. Plant the original paper with a seed into the ground. There may be areas that are still frozen so do the best you can. A planter doesn’t work, it must be into the earth so it can take root and be nurtured by mother earth.

As you plant it, thank Mother earth for nourishing this seed you are planting. When you are done, walk away and let it go. Also, don’t be tempted to look at your copy, let that go too, till next fall. Good luck with all your new endeavors!

This spring I have a number of new announcements:

I am moving my office from Lagonisi to one street from the Iraklio Metro Station on the green line.
I also have a new location in Corfu, starting in May 2015 at Yogashala Yoga Studio in Corfutown for therapies as well as a space for groups and classes.
My new email address for my practice is
All the best to you and your new adventures!
Many spring blessings,

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